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Get 18 months no interest financing! To find out more about those and other financing options give us call. We also accept all major credit cards.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Have access to your thermostat anytime with Emerson Wi-fi thermostats! Programing made easy saving you 5% to 15% precent a year. From that saving, the upgrade pays for itself in very little time. For more info click here.


Does your house have hot and cold spots? Zoning might be the answer for you! Our techs are excited at setting up pro1 wireless zoning. According to the US department of energy you can save up to 30% with zoning! For more details watch these videos.


Poor humidity can cause bloody noses, dry mouth, dry itchy eye, sore throats, cracked, itchy skin and painful static shocks. Low humidity will also make it feel colder at the same temps, making you turn up your thermostat which causes you to waste energy! You can learn more about humidifiers on this page.

UV Lights

UV lighting kills molds, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. In your ductwork reducing the spread of viruses in the house and reducing allergies. For more info click here.

$79 Service Call*
$79 A/C or Furnace Tune Up*

*In primary service area

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